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Milestone Academy believes that young minds are not like non-living clay. They have life, they have emotions and if we handle them gently, lovingly and carefully, we can give the desirable direction to their development.

We believe that education in its wider meaning includes environments, surroundings and activities that help to shape human beings. Education includes all influences like climatic, cultural, domestic, economic, geographical, political, religious and social. This interaction results in the modification of human behaviour and education takes place.

It is said that child gets one fourth of his education from his teachers, another fourth by his intellectual efforts (from books) and another fourth by his fellow students and rest in the course of time through life and experience. With the right learning and interactive environment, they can grow up to become successful professionals, esponsible adults and happy individuals.

In lines of Swami Vivekanand’s thoughts, Milestone also believes that geniuses are not those who merely possess a good memory. The extra special quality that sets them apart from the ordinary is the desire to achieve, to accept nothing as impossible and to persevere till success lies in their palms.

Education is to set in motion a machinery which will bring noble ideas to the door of everybody and let men settle their own fate. Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

Dr (Mrs) Mamta Shukla, Director Milestone Academy, works to provide a rich learning atmosphere to children. Apart from the class room teaching, she focuses on behavioural aspects of children/adolescents and development of skills of these young individuals.

She believes that although teaching children is important. Teaching children to think is more important. Thinking is not information or knowledge or being right. Thinking is the skill which unlocks the potential within and determines how intelligence and information are to be used. This is essential difference that separates achievers from others.

Milestone promises to make all possible efforts to provide such a rich learning environment for your child.